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I got her 4/1/06. Her name is Sapphire. The second day after she got home, she started sneezing. Sapphire
She has an Upper Respritory Virus. She has passed the worse part and is showing much improvement over the last couple of days. Eating & Playing & Tormenting Jasper & Sleeping .... Sapphire
She is a pound kitty (West Side shelter). They said she was two months old, but I think it was more like 6-7 weeks. Sapphire
Jasper insisted that I take his picuture. Followed by a good petting & scratching. He and Sapphire have decided that being around each other is ok. Jasper
She likes toes. And fingers too. And also Jasper's tail. Sapphire
Jasper. The Lord Of The Manor. Jasper
Oh, oh. Bathtime. They actually napped next to each other today. Jasper & Sapphire
Back off buster!! She's mine! Jasper & Sapphire