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Books read in 2003

Fake 1

Good manga with gay characters
Can't wait for the next volume
Will the two main characters ever get "Together"??
Time will tell ...

Fake Volume 1


Portable Curmudgeon

A few good quotes, here and there

Overall, not that great


The Killing Kind

Great series!!!
If you love dark mysteries, this is for you
Definitely a "Can't Put Down" book!!!

Charlie Parker #3


World War : Tilting The Balance

Well, what can I say about this
So far, so good ...
Slow reading, but interesting
Second book in a four part series; of a two part alternate history
I'm having a hard time reading it
Doesn't grab me, but I want to finish it


The October Country

The eloquent prose of Ray Bradbury is always a joyful read


World War : Upsetting The Balance

Started this one, and after the first chapter, I realized that I didn't care about this series anymore
All of the books in this series (and the following series) have gone to Don's


Reefer Madness

Fantastic book!!
I don't read much reality, but this one grabbed me from the very beginning and held me until the end
Several essays on marijuana laws, porn and illegal immigrants
Now, if only Eric can recall what he did with Fast Food Nation, so I can read it also


Fantastic Voyage - Microcosm

Interesting concept of alien invasion by Nanobots

Kept me intrigued


The Ghattis Tale : Finders-Seekers

Pretty interesting book
Being a cat lover, I had to read it
Turns out to be better than what I was expecting
Three books in this series and then there is a follow up series


The Ghattis Tale : MindSpeakers' Call

Pretty good

I like the world the author has created


The Ghattis Tale : Exiles' Return

Nice ending to the series
I'm going to wait on the next series in this world since I think it too will be a trilogy and I only have two of the books


The Design Of Sites

Great book for site design

Lots of examples to draw upon


The Snow Garden

A very slow start but got much better once all of the characterization and history got done
Took forever to get the first half done, but the last half went pretty quick.
Good mystery


Fake 2

Well, they are still not "together" but more characters are introduced to spice things up and create tension

Fake Volume 2


The Honor Of The Queen

This is the second book in a good series


Fake 3

Still only kisses, but the wanting is there

Fake Volume 3


The Short Victorious War

The third book in the series


Fast Food Nation

A disturbing look at the history & current status of the fast food industry & food processiong in the US
Reminds me ot The Jungle by Upton Sinclair